Family Trip to Universal & Traveling During COVID

I’m the worlds worst at posting photos as I am on vacation instead of just enjoying it and posting later.

Back in January, we decided the family needed a mental health break. With Daniel traveling weekly for work, us both having COVID in November and everyone in such turmoil over the election we decided to take Sophia’s request to go to Dance Revolution as an opportunity to get away. We flew down to Orlando for a week! (I can’t tell you the last time we got away as a family for a solid week.)
Sophia absolutely loves dance – she takes 7 classes a week and Dance Revolution is a way for her to build on those skills as well as learn new styles she wouldn’t get being in a small(er) town. Her favorite turned out to be Intro to Broadway, with Musical Theater coming in a very close second. Of course, she will never turn her back on contemporary where she can dance her graceful little heart out in her own creative way.
As a Christian I very much appreciate the heart and passion of the Dance Revolution crew and the way they teach dancers to use their gifts. Such an incredible three days!
When that wrapped up we traveled over to Loews Royal Pacific for the next five days. We didn’t know what to expect when we arrived due to COVID restrictions but I tell you, they had it down to a science! Temperature checks every day for guests, different color wrist bands for each day, and masks were required everywhere – in the hotel, the water taxi, the city walk and all the parks. The only time you removed a mask was for a socially distanced quick photo, stationary while eating and drinking (no travel eating) or in one of the designated “rest” areas.
If you choose this resort you can stay on the “club level” which includes free breakfast, snacks, light bites, and items you can grab to take to the park to cut down on expenses.  My advice: If you go to Universal – buy the dang dining cards! We were able to get so much more food than we would have buying it daily and the full service dining options are phenomenal! Mythos was our favorite followed by Vivo and the Pad Thai at Confisco is worth a trip. Of course stop at the Leaky Cauldron is always in order and we grabbed a pie at Red Pizza on our way out.
I think I may keep Greyson in a stroller until he’s five because the parent swap thing is where the goods are. Sophia rode everything twice because Greyson isn’t big enough and James, well James isn’t a big fan of super fast rides just yet.
Hagreds Motorbike Ride is hands down (or up in my case) the BEST roller coaster experience I have ever had. Early park admission with the resort stay meant that was our first stop of the day and we went twice in a row which meant Sophia rode it 4x in a row!
However, there is a new ride on the horizon. The Velocicoaster in the Jurassic park area is set to max out at 70mph which will make it the fastest coaster at Universal beating out The Hulk!
The quality time and break from the every day grind was essential.  It was just a sweet time with the family, and I am thankful for it.
Of course that’s the best thing about being a Realtor® – I take my work with me wherever I go. But now that I’m home it’s time to get back to work. Well, after I finish washing all the clothes ….