How to Sell during the Holiday Season

I know that most people think that spring is the best time to sell, and they may be right most of the time, but did you know that selling during the holidays is actually a great time to put your house up on the market? The holiday season (think Thanksgiving through New Years) typically means lower inventory numbers, which translates to less competition. So you know who buys houses during that time of year?! Serious buyers. These are typically buyers that have had to relocate for work or school and need an immediate place to live. As a mother with three kids in the house, keeping it tidy and trying to celebrate seems a daunting task. That’s why I am giving you some tips for selling during the holiday season:

  1. Make it warm and cozy! Keep the heat ambient, the driveways clear and have yummy treats on the counter. This time of year is very emotional for clients so help them connect with your home by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  2. Don’t overdo the decorations. Not only will there be more things for you to pack into boxes, but it will also make your space feel smaller. Stick to a simple lit tree, a few stockings, and a garland or two. You want selfie perfect moments, not grandma’s attic emptied into your living room.
  3. Make your home available for last-minute shoppers from out of town. You can request lead time for showings, but if you get a call from your Realtor® try to accommodate the buyers the best you can. Handy tip – buyers know you are moving so keep some of those shipping boxes around to declutter for last-minute showings
  4. Winterize! If you have outdoor faucets or a pool house that isn’t heated, make sure the fixtures are winterized. The last thing you or the buyers want are busted pipes and leaky faucets in the spring.