Memories are What Turns a House into a Home

I have lived in nine different houses and moved 11 times over my 42 years of life. Every place was unique and has its own set of memories attached to them. Just like everyone else, not all memories are fond, but fortunately for me, I had more good memories than bad. It’s funny the things that bring you back to moments in time where you feel at home. The smells of Winston Salem menthols and motor oil, sawdust, the smell of freshly baked yeast rolls and biscuits, the sight of fireflies, and the sounds of tree frogs are a few from my childhood. As I got married and started having children of my own we began to add the sounds of baby laughs, little girls giggling during sleepovers, and the screams of “Ow” as the boys shot each other with Nerf guns. 

The thing you have to remember is no matter where you grew up, or how perfect or imperfect you think your house is, making it a home is in your control. I’ve lived in a rental house, a 1980s ranch-style home, a 1900s farmhouse, a house that was divided into apartments, a tri-level house with ALL the stairs, and a traditional brick suburban home, but in all of them it was my objective to live life with joy and purpose.

 I’m sure you’ve met people in million-dollar mansions that are miserable and others who live in small one-bedroom houses with three kids all piled into the same room that are happier than anyone else you know. No matter what you’re searching for in a house I am here to help you find a place where you can make your own memories. If you’re looking for a vintage home with charm? Call me! New construction in suburbia? Call me! Land for a new farmhouse? Call me! Tri-level townhouse in a metro? Call me!

Even if someone else’s sign is in the yard of your dreams – call me and I’ll try and negotiate on your behalf (and maybe I’ll be lucky enough to be included in your memory building)